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What is M.A.S.H.?


What is M.A.S.H.?

It definitely isn’t the TV show that ran on CBS from 1972 to 1983. M.A.S.H. is the game you doodled in your notebook while crushing over boys, listening to your walkman and dreaming about the future. Fast-forward to 2020 and M.A.S.H. is back!! The game you knew and loved, but updated with NSFW, hilarious content! Your future awaits ...


M.A.S.H., the game cleared my headaches, helped me get back together with my boyfriend and even taught me French. Thanks M.A.S.H.!!

Alyssa, Baltimore, 29

BUY THIS GAME! I loved playing M.A.S.H as a kid and this version exceeded my expectations.

Juliana, 27, Astoria

I, for one, could not live without it. It helped me connect to my millennial daughters AND learn what a mukbang is!

Chris, Long Beach, 62

I originally wasn’t sure about the premise of M.A.S.H. but after playing it a few times I think it’s hilarious!

Nick, Los Angeles, 25

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In Real Life

In Real Life

  • Grab your friends, roommates, co-workers, family, and of course, your best friend, wine.
  • Decide whose fortune will be determined first, usually the person who last went on a date (you can decide if hookups count).
  • Players will randomly select a scenario card that will tell you which categories to choose from.
  • You and your group will fill in the scenario with answers, then the spiral will decide your absolute accurate fortune!*



  • Create an online space to play the game with your friends!
  • Whoever owns a physical copy of the game will be the host. Pick one player to get their fortune read first.
  • The host will read aloud the random scenario, categories and answer cards. Other players will have a say in choosing which cards to use.
  • Once all categories are decided, time for the twist of fate (a.k.a. the spiral)! Your accurate fortune will be read aloud.*
*M.A.S.H. the game is not liable for any real fortunes, it's only liable for fun.

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The 411

My "accurate" fortune that said I was going to date Jake Gyllenhaal has not happened yet.
What happens if a scenario is chosen for me about a wedding when I’m already married?
How long will the game take to play?
Can boys play this game too?
Why should I buy M.A.S.H. the game?
Oh no! I seem to have misplaced my instructions :(
Hi! My question still hasn’t been answered and this is the end of the FAQ?
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